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“In January 1945, a company of the 6th Ranger Battalion executed one of the most daring rescues in American history. The Rangers penetrated 29 miles behind enemy lines, including crawling an entire mile across an open field on their stomachs. During their final assault the rangers destroyed a garrison of Japanese soldiers twice their size and rescued 500 POWs. Soon after the war ended. In 1950 before another conflict began four Rangers including himself are trapped behind enemy lines then captured. All of his buddies are tortured and killed. The unknown soldier breaks Solomon out at midnight Taking out about 40 well armed enemy soldiers. He in turn made Solomon a ghoul for a month. Injured after a fight with Sabbat the unknown soldier turns and embraces Solomon. He says " It is not a curse more of a awaking", and that is when Solomon is changed into a kindred

Attention Souenruka: you can change this he is a toreador. Over the years he became an expert in artifacts. Running a group of antiques shop also. the two kindred he subdued where Max and Jason.
for money
Strength 3; Dexterity 4; Stamina 3 ; Charisma 2 ; Manipulation 2 ; Appearance 3; Perception 2; Intelligence 2; Wits 1

Talents: Alertness 2; Athletics 0; Brawl 3; Dodge 1; Intimidation 1; Expression 2
Skills: Performance 4; Etiquette 1; Melee 2; Stealth 1 ; Survival 1 firearms 3
Knowledges: Academics 1 ; Computer 1 ; Investigation 1 ; finance 1
Medicine ; Occult 0; Science 1

Backgrounds: Generation – 9 th ; Resources – 4; Contacts – Jacob – Retired Army Captain
Disciplines:Dominate 1; Auspex 1; Presence 2 ;Potence 1, Celerity 3, fortitude 1
Virtues: Conscience 5, Self-Control 2; Courage 4"



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