Robert Lennix

A tall (6'4") well muscled man with short light brown hair, blue eyes and a confidant, capable bearing.


Once a human by the name of Alan Helmsdale, the kindred known to some today as Robert Lennix is something of a mystery, even to himself.

In his human life, Alan Helmsdale was a young man when he joined the U.S. Army Reserves. Recruited into the special forces in 1955, he would go on to serve a tour of active duty in Vietnam in the 1960’s as an Army Ranger. In his civilian life, he had been a race car driver. However, false accusations by an anti-war activist that he was being payed to either wreck competitors or throw races plagued him and ultimately cost him a shot at the pro circuit.

After his tour in “Nam” ended in 1969, he took odd, low paying gigs driving race cars on local tracks and stunt driving. However, gambling on races put him in debt to loan sharks. In an effort to help him out, a friend recommended him for a simple transporting job. To move a package from Tucson to Mexico City.

Alan chose not to ask questions which turned out to be a mistake. The package he was carrying belonged a Mexican cartel and there were many interested parties looking to get their hands on it. After fending off several attempts by people looking to hijack his car and or kill him and steal the package, Alan arrived in Mexico City. Still a day ahead of schedule, he stayed the night in a motel only to wake the following night to a scene of horror of which, he was apparently at the center.

Being surrounded by blood and guts was not new to him, though he could not say why. He had no recollection of his past up to that very moment. He had clearly killed and dismembered some poor bastard but how? What was wrong with him? Something was strange about himself that he could not describe.

That’s when his sire introduced himself and told “Robert” what he was. A vampire.

Robert Lennix

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