Collin Freed

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Strength 3; Dexterity 3; Stamina 2 ; Charisma 2 ; Manipulation 2 ; Appearance 3; Perception 2; Intelligence 2; Wits 1

Talents: Alertness 2; Athletics 1; Brawl 2; Dodge 2; Intimidation 2; Streetwise 3; Subterfuge 2
Skills: Craft()0; Drive 2; Etiquette 1;firearms 3 Melee 2; Stealth 1 ; Survival 1
Knowledges: Academics 1 ; Computer 1 ; Investigation 2 ; Linguistics 1 (spanish)
Medicine ; Occult 1; Science
potence 1
In 1968 Collin Freed was two years old his parents where coming back from a trip to Mexico when a large tractor trailer wrecked into his parents car his Dad died instantly. His mom wrote a name down after she came out of a coma before she passed away and gave it to Collin’s uncle Johnny who was a Catholic priest. Collin gets told at his 21st birthday about the name on the paper and the supernatural. Collin learns about the occult and becomes a police officer for about four years. After that he takes his hunting to the next level using all his time to find the man known as Robert Lenix.

He successfully captured a Caitiff Vampire who he uses to keep himself 30 years old. He posses as a ghoul introduced himself by saying his master was captured by the Rose."



Collin Freed

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